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And Now She Roars!

This book has been in my soul for about seven years. Every time “I” tried to give voice to the book, it reminded me that “it” had its own story to tell. So I became the “conduit” instead of the driver and now – the work is published and I’m free to share it with you.

-Chairidee Smith, Ms. Mogul®
Lioness At Heart


Candice D'Meza

Professional Actor, Published Writer, Workshop Creator

Chairidee! Your words resonated deep into my soul. I FELT you. And I am absolutely inspired and in love with the unabashed confidence that flows through you from God. I've thought about the "lioness" all week and truth be told, I was in my place roaring in prayer and victory as you spoke!

Michelle Wong

Host of Work Your Money Podcast, CIO of One Will Properties

Wow. This is awesome Congratulations!

Oyarémı Ifalade

Poet/Author/ CEO of The SPICE Project

First off, you are amazing. I am not Christian but with an anointing like that I can never forget the love God has for us. You helped me to remember why I walk my path and to never give up.

Kelvin Smith

Owner / State Farm Insurance Agency

I'm looking forward to reading this future New York Times Best Seller.

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