The Roar of a Woman Author, Chairidee Smith To Dedicate Her First Book to Oren Dunn Museum


Chairidee Smith, also known as “Ms. Mogul®,” announces the dedication of her book The Roar Of A Woman to the Oren Dunn Museum in her childhood hometown of Tupelo, MS. Smith is a global advocate for women and children, award-winning business leader, author, and media personality.

Noted for giving hurting women hope, Smith’s newest book, ‘The Roar of a Woman,’ gives the reader a raw, unfiltered look into her life of struggle with childhood domestic violence. Smith also shares the details of her own abusive marriage, his incarceration, and what it’s like to lose everything.

The turning point in Smith’s life happened while she watched the famous Disney movie, ‘The Lion King.’ Smith shares that while watching the movie she hears, “you are more than what you have become!” That statement confronted her personal status quo and released her dormant power. Now, empowered to ascend in life and business leadership, Smith unleashes “the roar of the lioness within.”

Smith will be interviewed about her book and museum dedication on WTVA News 9 in Tupelo, MS with anchor, Katrina Berry on Friday, July 27, 2018, during the morning segment.

The book is available online at to the delight of readers everywhere. From this book, Ms. Smith developed (2) leadership courses and speaking topics, “Lead Like A Lioness” and “Power Is Not Masculine.”

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