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Testimonials for New Book

The Roar of a Woman

Candice D'Meza

Professional Actor, Published Writer, Workshop Creator

Chairidee! Your words resonated deep into my soul. I FELT you. And I am absolutely inspired and in love with the unabashed confidence that flows through you from God. I've thought about the "lioness" all week and truth be told, I was in my place roaring in prayer and victory as you spoke!

Michelle Wong

Host of Work Your Money Podcast, CIO of One Will Properties

Wow. This is awesome Congratulations!

Oyarémı Ifalade

Poet/Author/ CEO of The SPICE Project

First off, you are amazing. I am not Christian but with an anointing like that I can never forget the love God has for us. You helped me to remember why I walk my path and to never give up.

Kelvin Smith

Owner / State Farm Insurance Agency

I'm looking forward to reading this future New York Times Best Seller.

Tune In Every Tuesday!

Master Your Morning with Ms. Mogul®, hosted by Chairidee Smith, Ms. Mogul® in Houston, TX is the natural evolution of the MoguLife® Brand.  This new platform expands Ms. Smith’s discussion about matters of importance in women’s leadership,  industry and economy, and lifestyle all with a robust sense of humor.


Melanie Bragg

Melanie Bragg

Attorney & Author / Bragg Law PC

I am honored to be the inaugural guest for Chairidee Smith, Ms. Mogul’s®, “Master Your Morning with Ms. Mogul®.” We discussed the relevance of women's history and the impact of the #MeToo movement on today’s culture. Congratulations to Chairidee for a historic and wonderful show.

Shannon Mantaro

Shannon Mantaro

Director / Texas Women University Center for Women in Business

It was such a privilege to be featured on Master Your Morning with Ms. Mogul®! She is a well-informed, highly connected and successful woman-owned business, and we were proud to also have her as our special media guest at our Disney Institute event in the Houston region. We are so inspired by Ms. Mogul's® strong ROAR in support of women!

Sonia Corrales

Sonia Corrales

Interim President & CEO / Houston Area Women's Center

I was excited about your interest in the topics of domestic and sexual violence and your enthusiasm about sharing it with the public. I was impressed with your knowledge as demonstrated by the questions that you asked. The conversation was powerful, and the energy was perfect. Given the prevalence of domestic and sexual violence, this type of platform gives businesses an opportunity to gain knowledge on important issues that impact communities and may provide tools that can contribute to the success of businesses.

Lisa N. Alexander

Lisa N. Alexander

CEO & Award-Winning Filmmaker / PrettyWork Creative LLC

Master Your Morning is a great show and I hope Houston and women leaders will make it a part of their morning regimen. If your looking to get your business in front of savvy business women, take advantage of introductory advertising rates. This show will not be local for long!

Jolea Payne

Jolea Payne

Program Director / Girls Inc.

Chairidee Smith is persuasive, professional, but most of all, she is authentic. I am grateful to have met Chairidee and look forward to even more remarkable works from her and Master Your Morning®.

Tristen Sutton

Tristen Sutton

Award-winning Entrepreneur

“It was an honor to be on the Master Your Morning with Ms. Mogul Show with Chairidee! She asked great questions, had great energy, and was the epitome of a professional. I am excited about the growth of her platform.”

Elizabeth Pudwill

Elizabeth Pudwill

Founder / I Know Somebody Houston

I met Chairidee at our 5-Minute-Mentor event last year, a conversation between many powerful entrepreneurial women. Then we met for coffee and had another collaborative powerful conversation. That’s why I wanted to talk about the lioness in all of us with Chairidee. We can watch each other and grow with each other and most importantly support each other. Chairidee is a powerful woman with a powerful mission.

Garry Lee

Garry Lee

Founder & GM / The Sphere Network

Chairidee Smith is killing it in the podcast game! If you haven’t subscribed, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

  • No More Silence

    One of the things to come out of the Me Too Movement is the idea that women have learned to keep silent. They practice silence because they fear retaliation from those in power or that they won't be believed by their family or community. New author and businesswoman, Chairidee Smith, talks about this silence and how women can find their voice again in her new book, The Roar of a Woman.